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Firstly please forgive us as we may not be able to deliver the same standard of personal communication with the current measure in place and we totally understand not having a face to face conversation is not ideal but we hope you fully understand it is simply to try and reduce the spread of covid-19.

Over the past three to four weeks we have been working behind the scenes to try and create an environment that allows for us a company to operate in a safe manner. The nature of our job means that we are classed as key workers and play a vital role in ensuring that our front line staff can get to work knowing their vehicles are safe. We will be operating with a reduced staff number and have taken the following steps to ensure our team and you as our customer staff are safe.

Please take a moment to read our company plan for each stage of operations.

Each stage of operation has been broken down into bitesize sections.


Our main form of communication will be delivered electronically in the form of the phone call conversions and email. It is absolutely vital that we take the correct contact number from you if under any circumstance we have not contacted you before 2PM (14:00hrs) please call us.

Requesting a booking

We request that all bookings are made either through our website or over the phone, where possible we would like to eliminate or/and reduce walk in bookings.

Once the booking has been made, like normal you will receive an electronic SMS or email to confirm your booking.

While you wait

Until further notice we will not be carrying out any while you wait jobs. The office will be closed and we ask that you leave your vehicle with us at all times.


We aim to make this process as contactless as possible. Upon arrival please have your keys ready to place into the “key drop off back” which will be clearly labelled outside of the reception area. Place the keys in there ALL key tags and key rings MUST be removed.

Once you have placed your keys in the key drop off box please leave the premises, if you do have further instructions for the job or cause for concern with regards to your vehicle please call us on 0191 2161111 or email us

Authorisation(s) and Payment

Under no circumstances will we be accepting cash all payments for the work carried out will be done via the phone or online payment. If we do require Authorisation for additional work we will contact you via your contact number or email.


Before arriving onto the premises please call our landline to make us aware you are arriving and we will come out to you and your vehicle we will Place the invoice into your vehicle and then we will place the keys on our collection table which is where you would of found the “key drop off box”.

Upon collecting your vehicle we will do our utmost to ensure you are the only customer on site at that given time by asking you to arrive at a specific time slot, if there is another customer present please keep at least a 2 metre distance away from the other customer.

The technician(s)

To ensure we are all safe all our technicians will be wearing correct PPE and protective gloves. When we enter and exit the vehicle we will be wiping and cleaning all points of contact.

Please under no circumstances enter the workshop this is a no entry Zone.


We at Westmoor mot centre will be doing all we can through the use of PPE and cleaning equipment to ensure we reduce the spread of this awful virus but let’s do it together, company and customer as a team, this is why we advise you also before entering the vehicle to give it a further wiper down if we combat this together we will reduce the spread.

We as a company are extremely grateful for you understanding the measures we have put in place. We truly feel that if we all adhere to the measures that we will all remain safe.

Once again thank you from all of the team at Westmoor mot centre.

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