Bosch Car Service Garage

The history of Bosch service centre

“We should all strive to improve on the status quo: none of us should ever be satisfied with what has been achieved, but should always endeavor to do better.“ Robert Bosch The founder of the Robert Bosch Group.
The first ever Bosch car service center actually opened in 1921 in Hamburg Germany which has given nearly 100years of growth and refining our profession.

About the Bosch car service network

The Bosch car service network is the largest independent service network in the world, it has gone from the first workshop in 1921 to 15,000 workshops spreading over 150 countries. Bosch has always set an extremely high standard for its Bosch car service network, the network is fully equipped with the latest technology for all makes and models Bosch is also the world’s leading equipment suppliers for virtually every single make of vehicle the expertise of the Bosch network is vast, meaning your vehicle is in the hands of qualified and competent technicians.

About Westmoor MOT centre Bosch car service

As a family business we Westmoor MOT centre are proud to be a Bosch service centre who have been a part of the Bosch car service network for more than 13 years now, we are based in Westmoor which is five minutes from forest hall and 5 minutes from killingworth. The local metro station link is only a 5minute car journey so we are ideally located for you to jump on the metro and take a trip into Newcastle.

Why choose our Bosch car service garage?

Our company has the ability to service all makes and models at affordable quality you can trust, we understand how vital it is to maintain your vehicle warranty. This is why we will only use original equipment that is O.E standard, what this means it you can have your vehicle serviced at our car garage in Westmoor without your warranty being affected. We have for many years now had direct links to the dealer service portals such as Erwin for VW, xentry for Mercedes, VIDA for Volvo, BMW AOS for bmw Not only do you need to service the vehicle correctly it is vital the digital service is updated. We are passionate about vehicles and we are extremely passionate about your safety. We invest in our technicians to ensure they understand new technology’s e.g ADAS, electric vehicles. Investing in our technicians ensures they know the vehicle systems thus ensuring you are safe.

What makes Westmoor MOT centre a Bosch car service garage?

When you visit our Bosch garage you can be assured that our expert technicians can get the job done. We are highly trained dealer technicians and our experience spreads over decades (In fact our senior technician has been a part of the Bosch car service network for over 35years) working on all makes and models including the new technology of hybrid vehicles and electric vehicles.

Our code of practice:

Our customers can rest assured that when you visit our Bosch Car Service garage, that we work and operate to a high standard that is set out by Bosch, who have produced the exceptionally high standard that falls in line with the Code of practice for the approved network of garages
The code of practice aims to deliver a clear message of what the customer should expect when they visit our Bosch garage. The guidelines set out for the customer guidelines are placed into 8 different customer commitment categories.

Westmoor MOT must:

I invite you to visit the Bosch car services standards and the work practices too which we have to operate to.

Quality management

Our Bosch car garage aims for exceptional quality. Bosch demands that our company maintain an excellent standard of workmanship and customer service. Their quality management system guarantees excellent standards at our Bosch Car Service workshop, they do this by constantly auditing our company ensuring we do not let our standards slip, there is no room for movement.
I invite you to read the official document from Bosch that explains exactly the standard they expect.

Making a booking with us?

Are you searching for a bosch car service near me? Are you looking for an MOT in killingworth? Look no further, we at Westmoor MOT centre are here to help. booking for an MOT or car service is a straightforward process:


“Our Bosch car service garage is committed to giving you a friendly stress free customer experience”, I hope you now understand the history of Bosch and that you enjoyed our document about the Bosch car service network which we are so proud to be apart of.
Kind Regards,
Martyn Hetherington