Hybrid & Electric Servicing & Repairs Killingworth

At Westmoor MOT Centre we are now qualified to deal with hybrid vehicles for its servicing and any repairs serving Killingworth, Newcastle and surrounding areas

Our skilled technicians have been recognised by the IMI and are fully accredited to handle all aspects of your hybrid vehicle. At Westmoor MOT Centre we are fully qualified and can deal with hybrid cars as we have all the latest equipment required to service all makes and models of hybrid vehicles. Find out more by giving us a call and speak to one of our friendly staff members to find out how we can best help you. Our prices offer big savings compared to main dealer servicing so you’ll save money too.

Part Of The Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Repair Alliance (HEVRA)

At Westmoor MOT Centre we have recently invested a lot of time and equipment in making sure we can provide the quality of service you deserve. That’s why we are now part of HEVRA specializing in Hybrid Electrics Service & Repairs.
Hybrid vehicle being charged - Hybrid Servicing & Repairs Killingworth | Westmoor MOT Centre