R134A Recharge & R1234YF Recharge Available

About the Air Conditioning recharge

Your vehicle Air conditioning system as you may know not only serves to keep you cool and fresh during the summer months but it is a rather effective part of your heating and ventilation system during the winter months as it assists to de-mist the windscreen quicker by dehumidifying thus removing moisture from the air.


At Westmoor mot centre in Newcastle we offer you the servicing of both R134a and the new aircon gas R1234YF. To book your air con recharge call us now or use our booking form to make your Aircon appointment.  

At Westmoor MOT centre we offer you a FREE heating, ventilation and air conditioning system check. During this check we will be able to identify and how efficient and how well your car Aircon is actually working.

Troubleshooting vehicle Aircon

It is a warm summer's day you have turned your car aircon on, in the hope it gives you that nice cool crisp refreshing feeling BUT instead you are hit with horrible warm air adding to your discomfort and increasing your stress levels. This is where our vehicle air conditioning technicians come in, a methodical approach is essential to diagnosing the system, we must understand why the system has stopped working. Let us bring the joy back into your driving and take care of your vehicle's aircon. Arrange your appointment today.

Key facts about your car Air conditioning:

We must try to operate our car air conditioning system throughout the year, this is absolutely essential. Parts of the system can sit idle for a full year causing them to seize and then costing £££’s.

Regular servicing of the system is crucial, wear and tear is a common failure of moving parts, within your aircon system you do have oil within the system that offers the much needed lubrication. Over time the oil does degrade and need replacing with the refrigerant. This is where the aircon service assists your vehicle.

Recommended renewal of the air conditioning gas is every 2 years and we recommend that you have your aircon system checked year for correct operation and temperature efficiency.

It is a system that requires servicing and maintenance every year. The nature of the gas means that you will naturally lose aircon refrigerant over time.

Servicing your vehicle Aircon system:

The aircon system has items that do require regular servicing in order for the system to function, there are many components that need regular inspection and regular service. The pollen filter is a serviceable item and it is not uncommon that Mold begins to grow on the filter causing bacteria to circulate throughout your vehicle IF it is not replaced at the correct intervals. Servicing your car aircon is essential to try and prevent costly bills.

Are you looking for an AirCon recharge in Newcastle? Are you looking to stay cool during the summer months? Arrange your air conditioning service today to keep your system operating correctly and to try to prevent costly repairs.


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