Something that comes around every year. Yet how much do we really know about what an MOT test is?Who carries out the test?
I personally am an authorised MOT tester so I can’t stress enough how important it is to have your vehicle inspected to ensure that it is safe.
I have broken the blog down into bitesize sections to make it a little easier to follow. Enjoy!

What does “MOT” mean?

The term “MOT” is short for “Ministry of transport”

What is it?

The ministry of transport test or simply put an MOT test is in basic terms an annual assessment of the vehicle to ensure it is roadworthy and the exhaust emissions meet the minimum standard defined by the road traffic act 1989. The test normally takes 40-45minutes and it is a legal requirement for most vehicles that are three years or/and older.

Who tests my vehicle?

Your vehicle must only be carried out by an assessor who has carried out the correct training and exam which deems them qualified to carry out the MOT test, they must also carry out annual CPD to ensure they are kept up to date with the latest changes.

What do you look for during the test?

The MOT test could be broken down into three main areas. You have the emissions test which applies slightly different to petrol and diesel vehicles, there is the vehicle inspection which requires the vehicle to be raised on a ramp checking various parts of the vehicle from suspension, brakes, lights, vehicle structure, seat belts, road wheels, tyres, hydraulic components, steering components and much more… The next step of the test is to carry out what is known as a brake force test which essentially checks the braking performance of each individual corner of the vehicle.

What happens if my vehicle doesn’t have a valid MOT?

If your vehicle does not have a valid MOT you can be fined up to £1,000 for driving the vehicle. You also have to bear in mind that the MOT test is there to ensure your vehicle is safe. If we did not get our vehicles tested to the MOT standard how would we know if the vehicle was safe for us and our family?
If you are unsure about your MOT expiry date please use the link here and our video will guide you through how to check the expiry date

Can I get an MOT earlier?

If you choose to get your vehicle tested before the MOT due date, you can do this a month prior to the expiry date. Choosing to get it done much earlier than a month prior to the expiry date can also be done BUT the new renewal date will be the following year from the date of test minus one day.

MOT?service? What is the difference?

There are a few key differences between an annual service and an MOT test. The Biggest difference, the MOT test is a legal requirement whereas the service is not. During an MOT test you can not remove road wheels, you can not remove securing caps for fluids and you can not remove any panels or body fixings simply put, it is an inspection of the vehicle that is it.
As for the service which we will discuss in another blog you have the ability to remove components and/or in the case of fluids you can remove the securing caps and test the fluids. Both service inspections and the MOT test share similar characteristics but they vary slightly with regards to the emissions test, brake performance test so it is mindful to be aware of that.
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