Wheel Alignment in Killingworth

Book 4 Wheel Alignment with Westmoor MOT Centre in Killingworth

Wheel alignment is something that shouldn’t be overlooked when it comes to maintaining your car. If anything has been changed to do with the suspension and steering, the alignment should also be checked. If you are experiencing uneven tyre wear, pulling to the left or right, uncentred steering wheel, or poor handling, you should have this checked as soon as possible with a garage you can count on, at Westmoor MOT Centre, we have the experience and tools to provide first-class car wheel alignment.

What are the benefits of correct alignment?

Improved fuel efficiency
Misalignment results in increased drag, otherwise known as rolling resistance, on the tyres which lead to an increase in fuel consumption. Correct wheel alignment along with the right tyre pressures minimises rolling resistance which improves fuel consumption.
Vehicle stability
Many handling problems can be corrected by four-wheel alignment, giving you a better and more enjoyable driving experience.
Increase your tyres life
Misalignment is a major cause of premature tyre wear as more weight is being placed on one part of the tyre causing that area of the tread to wear faster. Over the years, a properly aligned car can add thousands of miles to tyre life.
Safer braking distance
Correct wheel alignment maximises your car’s handling and stability which is essential when taking emergency or evasive action. Also, uneven tyre wear caused by misalignment will negatively affect your braking distance.
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