Stage 1 ECU Performance Upgrades with Westmoor MOT Centre

If you’re looking to get a bit more power and performance out of your vehicle’s engine without breaking the bank, stage 1 upgrades to the engine’s electronic control unit (ECU) could be the solution for you. The ECU is the brain that controls and monitors the engine’s operation. By upgrading the ECU’s software calibration, you can optimise parameters like fuel and ignition mapping for improved power output for your vehicle

What to Expect

Stage 1 ECU upgrades typically provide around a 10-20% increase in power and torque depending on the vehicle. The precise gains will vary based on the engine, existing state of tune, and quality of the tuning software. You may also see improvements in throttle response and drivability.
Stage 1 ECU upgrades are a great first step for unlocking your vehicle’s engine performance potential while keeping costs reasonable.
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