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At Westmoor MOT Centre we provide quality tyres and fitting for any car manufacturer and model. With a range of tyres to fit most budgets you can be assured that only new high quality car tyres will be fitted to your vehicle.

Being the only thing separating your vehicle from the road, good quality tyres are an essential component for the safety and overall performance of your vehicle. Whilst all new tyres sold in the UK are required to conform to a series of minimum standards, we believe that a premium tyre offers the best performance, durability and safety.

Budget or Premium Tyre?

A budget tyre is often developed with a very strict price point in mind. This is reflected in the quality of materials used, the types of technologies used in their construction and development and the quality of their manufacturing.

By comparison a premium tyre is developed with one thing in mind; creating the best tyre possible. Premium tyre manufacturers will use the best materials available and include the most modern technologies in their development.

Of course, there are legal standards which dictate whether a tyre is suitable for use, these standards extend to all tyres sold within the UK so you can be assured that even a budget tyre will meet the minimum required standards.

Mechanic picking up a tyre - Tyres West Moor

If you would like to order your tyres and arrange a fitting you can contact us in Killingworth on 0191 216 1111 or fill in our contact form.

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